The Gathering Voices


Welcome to the home of the The Gathering Voices, the project choir for the Creative Ennerdale project. The group meets for a monthly workshop before each Merry Neet:

  • June 8th, July 6th, September 7th

We’re learning songs to perform at The Gathering event in October. The Gathering is also the title of the new piece of community theatre which will be get its debut at The Gatehring event in October, telling the story of a group of Ennerdale residents hiking back across the fells for the last Meryr Neet at the Angelrs Hotel before it was demolished in 1961.

The songs below will be the backbone of the piece. Click on any song to link to a Onedrive folder with MP3s recordings and musical scores to help you learn them.



Hiking Across The lakes


Merry Neet

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We also sang these songs at earlier workshops, but probably won’t sing them as part of the commiuntiy musical…