Harmony Associates...

...is an artists' cooperative and Company Limited by Guarantee (no. 07854771) founded in 2011 by Mouthful and psychotherapist Angie Power, consisting of artists, researchers, teachers, managers, practitioners working together through research-informed practice in the Arts,  Education and related fields.

The four singers in Mouthful are its current directors, and membership is by invitation.

Our Aims and Objectives


  1. To promote personal, social, organisational and global harmony;

  2. To bring about a social reality where every citizen has the opportunity to lead a creative and fulfilling life;


  1. Create outstanding opportunities for a broad public to experience the power of vocal harmony, through performance and participation in group singing;

  2. Promote group singing as an activity which fosters individual wellbeing, social cohesion, trust and mutuality;

  3. Devise and implement effective research methods to contribute to a deeper understanding of the power of group singing.

Services we provide:

  • vocal performance;

  • workshops in group singing and creativity;

  • vocal arrangement services;

  • recording services;

  • research & academic services;

  • consultancy;

  • teaching and lecturing;

  • large-scale singing projects;

  • CPD for singers and vocal leaders.