Sing In!


Sing In! is Dave's new ‘Natural Voice’ choir which meets at The Friends' Meeting House, Kirkgate, Cockermouth on Tuesdays during term-time from 7-9pm.

The emphasis is on having fun making a good sound together, working toward regular performances, singing material from rock, pop and folk traditions from around the world.

    Sing In! is for those with some experience looking for a fun vocal challenge with like-minded singers. You're expected to be able to:

    • Sing confidently and accurately
    • Follow a musical score
    • Adjust your voice to blend with the group
    • Commit to weekly rehearsal and personal practice in order to learn repertoire

    Pay termly.

    Find us on Facebook, or drop Angie a line at for more info.


    Tues. evenings 7-9pm


    Current Members

    click below for resources (scores and MP3 recordings) for personal practice and details of upcoming events. You'll need the password - ask Angie for it if you're not sure what it is.)


    If you use Facebook, you can follow and share Sing In! events by clicking this link.