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The Fellowship Choir in full voice at Westmorland Crag, Great Gable in May 2018

The Fellowship Choir in full voice at Westmorland Crag, Great Gable in May 2018


On this page you'll find links to many of the songs used on the Fellowship of Hill and Wind and Sunshine project. If you'd like to sing any of them with your choir, please help yourself to the MP3s and scores associated with them. In the spirit of 'The Great Gift' of land by the Fell, Rock and Climbing Club (FRCC) who raised enough money to buy the 14 summits surrounding Great gable and then give them to the nation, please accept these songs as a gift, and use them freely. Please acknowledge the composer and the songs' origins when you perform them, and pay the gift forward somehow, either by giving money or your time to a cause associated with the values of peace, generosity, remembrance, unity and comradeship which underpin the project.

Some of the songs on the project were used under licence from the composer, and you would need to make your own arrangements with the composer to use them:

  • Chinese Proverb (Sharon Durant)
  • Joy of Living, The (Ewan MacColl)
  • Meet on the Ledge (Richard Thompson)
  • Ya Basta (Val Regan)

Please get in touch if you'd like an introduction to the relevant people :-)

If you're joining us for the Singing Picnic in Borrowdale on 13th October 2018, there is a private resources page where you can download all of the songs to help you learn them, but the page is password-protected as we only have a licence for their use on the project. Please contact Jessie Binns or Dave Camlin to request access via the password. The Singing Picnic is a free event, but you need to book via the National Trust website, as vehicle parking nearby is extremely limited