Fellowship of Hill and wind and Sunshine


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Fellowship of Hill and Wind and Sunshine

The 'Fellowship' project is an exciting mountain-top singing project led by Mouthful, the National Trust and University of York, with funding from Arts Council England and the Arts and Humanities Research Council. More detailed info on the National Trust website.

The gift to the nation of 12 mountain summits including Great Gable by the Fell and Rock Climbing Club was described in headlines at the time as ‘The World’s Greatest War Memorial’. It had a profound impact on the way that our country's mountain landscapes came to be viewed and cared for.

During 2018, the centenary year of the end of the First World War, Mouthful and the National Trust are commemorating this visionary act with a ‘leave no trace’ project exploring the power of this memorial through a song cycle sung by a 'scratch' choir on each of the summits over the summer, in May, June and July.

Colleagues from University of York have captured the performances in virtual reality (VR), so that people unable to join us on the mountain-tops can still be with us, through the power of VR. You can still catch the installation at Lakes Alive on 8th / 9th September in Kendal.

Singing Picnic October 2018

The project culminates in a Singing Picnic at Peace How on 13th October 2018 which was given in 1917 so that those returning from the trenches could find refuge from the war. Stand and sing with us as we "[re]-dedicate this space of hills to freedom." We're looking for people willing to join us at the singing picnic at Peace How.


The project resources page contains links to MP3 recordings and scores of the material we'll sing at the picnic. It's password-protected to protect the copyright of some of the songs which have been licensed to the project, including Ewan MacColl's The Joy of Living, and Richard Thompson's Meet on The Ledge. If you don't have the password, drop Jessie Binns (Project Manager) or Dave Camlin (Musical Director) a line. On that page, there is also a participant information sheet with more detailed information about the project.


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