Phoenix Voices

Phoenix Voices is the festival choir we direct for Festival of Thrift in Teesside each year. The rehearsal process is open to all and results in a performance to be presented at the Festival, as well as a band of roving singers who will pop up across the site throughout the weekend.

We are looking for more singers to come and join the team to make an even bigger choir for 2020! We welcome any community groups and individuals - please register your interest by signing up to our email list for more details.

As per last year, we’re looking forward to having you with us even if you can’t make all the dates - great if we have notice in advance so we can plan accordingly.

If you're in the choir, there is a private resources page where you can view rehearsal videos, and download rehearsal MP3s and scores. You'll need the password to access this page - check your Phoenix Voices emails for it, or ask one of the organisers!