31st August Another Waynwright Day

Haystacks, Buttermere

(from 12:00 - 14:00)

Another Waynwright Day Header.jpg

A special one-off event to launc the Another Way charity


08:30 Meet at Buttermere

09:00 Set off up Haystacks via Scarth Gap

12:00 Singing

14:00 Descent

Achieving a low carbon Another Waynwright Day

Produced by Mike Berners-Lee

As an ambassador or supporter of Another Way, we ask you to represent our values by making your participation in the day as low carbon as possible. Here are some tips to get you started and if you think of anything else- great!

Travel to the start of the walk

  • Walk or cycle to the start if you can

  • Next best is public transport unless you can fill a car

  • If you have to drive then:

    • §  Fill the car with people –join our Facebook group Another Waynwright Day Discussion to link up with others for lift sharing

    • §  Drive the most efficient car that you can

    • §  Keep the speed down. On the motorway, the fuel use per mile is roughly

      proportional to the speed. The slower the better, as long as it is safe.

    • §  Whilst being safe, read the road ahead so that you don’t have to use the brakes

      more than necessary.
      The three most important considerations are:


  • Less meat and dairy, and especially less beef and lamb. Take the time to explain your food choices to people if they are interested – taking vegan brownies to share could be a good conversation starter – and you can share the recipe too!

  • Zero waste - left overs for lunch perhaps? Or at least make sure whatever isn’t eaten on the hill gets eaten somehow later. Bring in reusable containers.

  • No air freighted food. Try and buy local and seasonal. As a simple guide this means avoiding anything that has come from a long way away and isn’t robust enough to travel by boat. (So bananas from the Caribbean are fine, and so are oranges, apples, pineapples etc. but grapes from California are not).

    Finally, minimise disposable packaging. Buy loose food wherever possible. No plastic bottles. ]

Kit – minimising the resources that are required to have you properly kitted out.

Use quality kit, made to last. Always check charity shops and eBay, or borrow from friends before buying new. Perhaps wear kit you have mended or had mended.

Rubbish – leave the hills better than you found them, and save carbon at the same time. Please pick up any litter you find on the hills. We will sort and weigh this for recycling at the evening event in Threlkeld- else please take it home and recycle it, or ecobrick it on Catbells!