Making Sense of Group Singing

In collaboration with the Cynefin Centre at University of St. David's, we’re researching the value of group singing by capturing the stories people tell about their singing experiences. Using a clever research method called Sensemaker®, we’re turning people’s stories about group singing into compelling data to make a stronger case for the value of group singing.

To participate in our research, you simply tell a story in response to one of three possible questions about group singing (i.e. why do you sing? Why should other people sing? Tell a story about your last performance) and then reflect on your story to find the meaning within it. You choose your own level of confidentiality, so if you’d rather no-one can read / see the experience you shared, you can simply choose to make it private.

It’s a light-touch approach which you can do in your own time, and takes between 5 and 15 minutes to complete. You can do it online, or by downloading the Sensemaker app if you have an apple device (iPhone or iPad)

On a desktop / laptop computer

Click here to go directly to the survey.

Keep your story secure - draft it in a word processor first, then copy 'n' paste it into Sensemaker.


On an iPhone / iPad

  1. Download the ‘Sensemaker’ app from the app store, and open it

  2. Select ‘Download Activities’

  3. Enter the Activity Code ‘Sing’ to download the survey to your device

  4. Choose ‘Group_Singing’ from the ‘Select Activity’ menu to open the app and start the survey

Paper Version

If you'd prefer to share your story on paper, you can download a printable version of the survey by clicking here. Please complete it and return to Dave Camlin, Ghyll Cottage, Lamplugh Green, Workington Cumbria CA14 4TY

Thank You!

We hope your collective stories will really help to make a strong case for why people should sing together.

If you want to follow the research as it develops, and you have an iPad, you can download another app – Sensemaker Explorer – where you can see the rich data as it evolves, and the personal stories of people like yourself which lie behind it. In the app, use the Unlock Code ‘Sing’ (case sensitive) to download the survey results to your device, and then choose ‘Group_Singing’ from the ‘Select Activity’ menu to open the app and view the survey results.