Day 6 Mouthful in Brazil

It has been a day of music, movement and mash ups...

Working with the Coral Juvenil, we have been exploring ideas for movement within some of the songs that we will be performing together. The young people, as always, were very willing to try things out and we were not short of ideas! It really created a wonderful effect and enhanced our understanding of the lyrics. As we approach our first public performance on Saturday, we know that this amazing choir will rise to the challenge.

The evening was filled with mash-ups from our brilliant cohort of teachers, students, choir members and other singers. Having taught them some traditional songs from our home in the last session, Dave invited them to find a 'match' for the songs which they had brought with them through a 'speed dating' exercise. It was amusing to watch the process as everyone strove to find a perfect partner for their beloved song. Some people had very high standards! When everyone finally found themselves a group, they were tasked to create their own musical mash-ups. The results brought some real deep reflections about remembering songs from our past and how they can connect us to each other, no matter which continent you are on, or from.