A Bridge of Songs

It's the morning after the first collaborative performance with Guri Santa Marcelina's Coral Juvenil at Museu de Arte São Paulo (MASP), and we're waking up with that satisfied feeling of having created something wonderful together. The young people in the Coral have been absolutely amazing, and their commitment, passion and sheer joy for singing shone through in yesterday's performance. We'll post videos from the concert as we edit them, and we're certain there will be some really magical memories for all of us. Now we have to do the same thing all over again at the Centro Educacional Unificado (CEU) in Vila Curuçá today! We can't wait!

Beyond the actual performances, we're increasingly aware of how much sheer will has gone into building this opportunity for the singers in the Coral. All of Giuliana Frozoni's team of inspirational musicians, producers, managers and social pedagogues hold the aspirations of their young people firmly in their hearts with secure attachments of love. It's the most beautiful learning environment to work in; they build a safe space for these wonderful singers to nurture and grow their creativity and their humanity.

It's also striking how much absolute dedication and professional attitude there is from the young people themselves. They've devoured everything we've offered them, been wiling to go with some of our more experimental ideas without question, tirelessly listened to advice and acted upon it. Their dedication and commitment is a key part of the fabric that has built such a strong structure this week.

For the encore yesterday, Sharon led the Coral in a reprise of her wonderful composition, Bridge of Songs. There have been many bridges built this week: a platform for the young people in the coral to spread their wings and soar; a strengthening of the bonds between them as a group; an international bridge connecting art and artists with a common purpose to use music as a social 'good'; new connections, ideas and possibilities; new friendships and partnerships; stronger connections for all of us who share a passion for the power of music to transform lives.

We're so proud to have been part of this majestic Bridge of Songs, and so grateful to everyone involved for the amazing opportunity. We hope that the bridge will lead us all into new territories and new adventures!

But first, there's a final concert to perform!